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To be honest, I don’t read a lot of books and I know it’s a shame. I’ll try to read more from now on.

FYI, I read books mostly in Korean since reading a bunch of English words is still a bit stressful for me. I read the below two books also in Korean. 🙂

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know - Adam Grant (싱크 어게인 - 아담 그랜트)

My takeaway from this book is that we should always be humble and keep doubting our beliefs. We are sometimes too confident about things we don’t know very well.

“Arrogance leaves us blind to our weaknesses. Humility is a reflective lens: it helps us see them clearly. Confident humility is a corrective lens: it enables us to overcome those weaknesses.”

“오만함은 자기 약점을 바라보지 못하게 눈을 가린다. 겸손함은 반사용 렌즈라서 자기 약점을 선명하게 바라볼 수 있게 도와준다. 확신에 찬 겸손함은 교정용 렌즈라서 그 약점을 극복하게 돕는다.”

The Theory of Light and Matter - Andrew J. Porter (빛과 물질에 관한 이론 - 앤드루 포터)

This book easily became one of my favorite fictions.

We are not superheroes and sometimes there are life problems we can’t solve. However, our lives don’t end there - we just live with those unsolved problems.

“And it takes a while, almost several minutes, before we finally turn around and look at what we’ve done.”, Azul

“It was only in my own mind, and perhaps in my heart, that I understood what I was doing to be a betrayal.”, The Theory of Light and Matter

“그리고 얼마의 시간이 흐른 뒤에야, 그렇게 몇 분여를 보낸 후에야, 우리는 마침내 뒤로 돌아 우리의 지나간 행동을 직면한다.”, [아술] 중에서

“나의 행동이 배신임을 아는 것은 나 자신의 마음, 어쩌면 나 자신의 가슴뿐이었다.”, [빛과 물질에 관한 이론] 중에서

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